The TG/HDL ratio:
Your best indicator of an impending heart attack
By: Dr. Barry Sears
Filed: 1/5/98

For more than two years, I have been awaiting the publication of the research first presented at the 1995 American Heart Association meeting by researchers from Harvard Medical School. This research demonstrated significance that the ratio of triglycerides (TG) to HDL cholesterol (HDL) had on predicting the likelihood of developing a heart attack. Published in the December issue of Circulation (Vol 96, pp 2520-2525 [1997]), it was found that the higher the TG/HDL ratio, the greater the risk for heart attack.

How much higher?


Increased likelihood
of heart attack









This is why I have always recommended keeping the TG/HDL under 2, and ideally under 1. The power of the Zone Diet is that it will reduce the TG/HDL dramatically and quickly within weeks. And if I believe Harvard Medical School (which I do from time to time), then this reduction in the TG/HDL ratio will reduce the likelihood of a future heart attack. No drugs required, simply eating the food you like to eat, assuming you are following the Zone principles.

This article should go a long way to moving the medical establishment to understand the importance of the Zone Diet for the treatment of cardiovascular disease because the TG/HDL ratio is easily calculated from everyone's blood chemistry. Of course, if you really want to increase your TG/HDL ratio, just follow a low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet and ignore what Harvard Medical School is trying to tell you. After all, what do they know?


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